Bobcat (Bahamas) Limited
In Official Liquidation
Nassau, Bahamas
Crowe Bahamas
Joint Official Liquidators
Andrew Davies and Kendrick Christie

Be advised that Bobcat (Bahamas) Limited (“BBL” or “the Company”) was placed in Voluntary Liquidation effective February 18, 2020 following the passing of a resolution of members which appointed Andrew Davies of Crowe Bahamas as Voluntary Liquidator (the “Liquidator”) of the Company. On March 18, 2020 the Liquidator filed a petition in the Supreme Court for a Supervision Order that the liquidation of the Company continue under the supervision of the Court. The hearing of the Petition and Summons for Direction took place at the Supreme Court, Nassau, The Bahamas before his Lordship Justice Winder at 10am on the 28th day of July, 2020.

On the hearing date his Lordship Justice Winder granted an order appointing Andrew Davies and Kendrick Christie of Crowe Bahamas as Joint Official Liquidators (“JOL’s”) of the Company. The JOL’s placed a notice in the Tribune and the Guardian on August 20, 2020 inviting any potential creditors of the Company to submit their claim using the Proof of Debt form provided in the Creditor’s Claims section below.